Why your web map sucks

Do you remember back in the good old days of early web development? We had neat things like marquees and “under construction” pages with real, moving »

Consumer Insights

Your map is the key to a treasure chest of hidden consumer insights. Perhaps you don't feel you have "consumers"? But knowing how people interact with »

Map bounce rate

The bounce Rate of a web page is a simple calculation and a useful metric. In essence it is the percentage of sessions where a particular »

FOSS4G 2014 - the genesis of Mapiks

Dustin Sampson (@gridcell), one of our geospatial developers presented the core ideas behind tracking slippy map analytics at FOSS4G in September (2014, Portland). Check out his »

Is your map converting?

Is your map converting? Analytics are a great tool for monitoring and reporting on website traffic and user interactions. It is reasonablely expected that, as a »